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Project Management


Mondesir Estates

Completed Date

May 2021 - Ongoing


Anse L'Ivrogne, Choiseul

This project sits right on the base of Gros Piton. It consists of a number of buildings along with other structures and development across the property. The project comes in phases and therefore covers years of development. 

Builtec Inc is responsible for the full project management and covers all the various services entitled to the development of the Mondesir Estate Project.

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Project Goals

This project is one of its kind as it aims to maintain and recover the existing structures while developing new structures to deliver a feature-rich and enjoyable experience for visitors and guests.

  • Redevelop traditional sites that existed before
  • Remain hidden beneath its forested nature from sea view
  • Maintain a natural look and feel hidden under stone
  • Simply public access to the connected beach

Overtime, plans are brought to the table uncovering new ideas, thus bringing new goals for the rest of the phases. Changes can appear to this portfolio at anytime.

Outcome of This Project

Although the project is still ongoing phase by phase, the goals of the project is kept under expectations step by step as as we try to make each new piece constructed look like a completed project.

  • Ancient structures have been observed, assessed and rebuilt to look like the old version
  • Team of landscapers are always on site planting new trees and shrubs to keep the place hidden and forested
  • The stones found on the property are reused in its natural look to cover up structures to look natural
  • The bad trail that led to the beach is being gradually developed to make it easier for persons to get to the beach

The estate remains a construction site, however, it is kept looking like a completed project as much as possible so that in is operational during the closed periods of the project.