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Don't Know Where To Start? We Got YOU!

We have put together a complete package for those who have no idea where to begin or just don't have the time to do all the hunting themselves. Just talk to us and we'll take it on from there...

  • Find available properties for sale.
  • Assist in completing paperwork, surveying and development.
  • Handle all of the construction down to completion.

Engagement (Assistance with Preferences & Selection of Land or Property)

Enlistment of Local Realtors (As Per Client Preference)

Contact Company Lawyer (Contract and Sales Document Services)

Purchase Property Through Lawyer

Property Search (If the property hasn’t been acquired by the client) Assemble Work Team (Engineers & Surveyors) Assess Feasibility Secure Finances Commence Designs & Concepts (DCA) Obtain DCA Permits & Licenses (WASCO & LUCELEC) Secure Development Approval
Engage Architect & Engineers (Where applicable) Design of Building/Development Obtain DCA Approval Engage Company’s Quantity Surveyor for Costing Bill of Quantities Outline Schedules for Construction Formulate & Agree on Contract Prepare Site Construct/Renovate
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Satisfied Clients
25 +
Completed Projects

Take advantage of this opportunity to achieve your dreams/goals before it's too late. We are here for you every step of the way.

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